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lando shellenv

Prints information you can add to a shell rcfile like ~/.zshrc to ensure lando is in PATH.

With --add you can specify a file to add the above lines to or you can omit a value for --add and lando will do its best to add the information to the correct file based on the shell you ran lando shellenv from.

Note that there are a few caveats here:

  • powershell.exe does have something like an rc file but it will require that you can execute local scripts. This does have security implications which you can read about in more detail here.
  • cmd.exe does not have something like an rc file so in this case --add will run setx to update your user PATH.

Also note that generally you will not have to run this command unless you are switching shells or if you installed Lando without using our recommended installer script


lando shellenv


--channel      Sets the update channel                                                  [array] [choices: "edge", "none", "stable"]
--clear        Clears the lando tasks cache                                                                               [boolean]
--debug        Shows debug output                                                                                         [boolean]
--help         Shows lando or delegated command help if applicable                                                        [boolean]
--verbose, -v  Runs with extra verbosity                                                                                    [count]
--add, -a      Add to shell profile if blank lando will attempt discovery                                                  [string]
--check, -c    Check to see if lando is in PATH                                                                           [boolean]