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lando setup

Installs and configures needed system dependencies and plugins so you can use lando such as:

  • Build Engine - Docker Desktop on Windows and macOS, Docker Engine on Linux
  • Orchestrator - Docker Compose v2
  • Common Plugins - Basically all the plugins that used to be part of Lando Core before v3.21.0


lando setup


--channel                      Sets the update channel                                  [array] [choices: "edge", "none", "stable"]
--clear                        Clears the lando tasks cache                                                               [boolean]
--debug                        Shows debug output                                                                         [boolean]
--help                         Shows lando or delegated command help if applicable                                        [boolean]
--verbose, -v                  Runs with extra verbosity                                                                    [count]
--build-engine                 The version of the build engine (docker-desktop) to install             [string] [default: "4.27.2"]
--build-engine-accept-license  Accepts the Docker Desktop license during install instead of later        [boolean] [default: false]
--orchestrator                 The version of the orchestrator (docker-compose) to install             [string] [default: "2.24.5"]
--plugin                       Additional plugin(s) to install                                                [array] [default: []]
--skip-common-plugins          Disables the installation of common Lando plugins                         [boolean] [default: false]
--yes, -y                      Runs non-interactively with all accepted default answers                  [boolean] [default: false]