Displays logs for your app

You can optionally filter by a particular service, show timestamps or follow the logs a la tail -f.

Only shows logs written to `stdout` or `stderr`

Note that lando logs is a light wrapper around docker logs and as such it will only display logs that are written to stdout of stderr. While we make a best effort to redirect logs when we can it is up to the user to redirect relevant application logs.


# Get the logs=z
lando logs

# Follow the logs and show timestamps
lando logs -t -f

# Show logs for only the database and cache services
lando logs -s cache -s database


Run lando logs --help to get a complete list of options defaults, choices, etc.

--follow, -f      Follow the logs
--help            Shows lando or delegated command help if applicable
--services, -s    Show logs for the specified services only
--timestamps, -t  Show log timestamps
--verbose, -v     Runs with extra verbosity