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lando rebuild

Rebuilds your app from scratch, preserving data.

This will rebuild your app as though you were starting it for the first time, while preserving any database data. If you change your Landofile you'll want to run lando rebuild for these changes to take effect. This is also a great command to run if your app has gotten into a bad state and you want to set things right.

Rebuild vs restart?

As of Lando 3.0.0-rc.1 you must explicitly invoke lando rebuild for changes in your Landofile to take effect. lando restart is now designed to preserve container state so that you do not get unexpected changes unless you have asked for them.


# Rebuild an app
lando rebuild

# Non-interactive rebuild
lando rebuild --yes

# Rebuild only the appserver and cache services
lando rebuild -s cache -s appserver


Run lando rebuild --help to get a complete list of options defaults, choices, etc.

--channel      Sets the update channel                                                  [array] [choices: "edge", "none", "stable"]
--clear        Clears the lando tasks cache                                                                               [boolean]
--debug        Shows debug output                                                                                         [boolean]
--help         Shows lando or delegated command help if applicable                                                        [boolean]
--verbose, -v  Runs with extra verbosity                                                                                    [count]
--service, -s  Rebuild only the specified services                                                                          [array]
--yes, -y      Auto answer yes to prompts                                                                [boolean] [default: false]