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Lando Tooling ‚Äč

Lando provides context specific tooling for the provided recipes, for example, the lando-101 app is using the lamp recipe and out of the box provides us with tooling commands for php cli, composer, and a mysql shell among others. You can see the available commands for any given Lando app by typing lando at your command prompt.

Sometimes we might need or want to add our own tooling to a Lando app to simplify workflows, use in CI, and reduce documentation. Let's add a phpcs tooling command to our Lando 101 app.

First lets use the Lando provided composer tooling to add phpcs to our Lando 101 app:

lando composer require squizlabs/php_codesniffer

That will place the phpcs binary in /app/vendor/bin/phpcs and we'll use that path to expose the tooling to our Lando 101 app.

Open up your .lando.yml config file in your favorite text editor:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp
  php: 7.4
    type: mailhog:v1.0.0
    portforward: true
      - appserver
    service: appserver
    cmd: /app/vendor/bin/phpcs

The new part of our config is the tooling key under which we have nested the command we want to expose, phpcs in this case. Told Lando which service to run the tooling command against with service: appserver. Provided the cmd: /app/vendor/bin/phpcs to tell Lando what command to run under the hood.

Now all the developers on our team for the Lando 101 app can code sniff their code to provide uniform standards across the project. For example, if you want to check the syntax of the index.php file; you do so like this:

lando phpcs index.php

Adding the phpcs command is simple, but just one example of the types of tooling you can add to your apps. To take a deep dive and learn more about Lando tooling read the tooling docs page.