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Lando Configure ‚Äč

As we've seen Lando recipes are very useful and dead simple. So far our .lando.yml file for the LAMP recipe is just two lines:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp

The power of Lando is our ability to configure and change it to meet our needs. We can configure it to match production for instance. Let's add a PHP file to our lando-101 app just so we have something to view in our app. Open a file in your favorite text editor and add a call to phpinfo() and save it as index.php.


Now if we visit our Lando provide URL for the lando-101 app we will see:

We can see that this reports the PHP version as 7.3. Enter the config key. Say our production server for the lando-101 app is running PHP 7.4 and we want to match that in our Lando development environment. We can do that by using the config key in our .lando.yml file to configure how the recipe is built. In this case we want PHP 7.4. Edit your .lando.yml file like this:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp
  php: 7.4

Now let's rebuild our app with the lando rebuild -y command. Now if we visit our app in a browser we will see the the PHP version is reported as 7.4. Simple! Just like that we've configured our app to use a different version of PHP.

You can read the details about the config key in the docs: config.