Recipes are Lando's highest level abstraction and they contain common combinations of routing, services, and tooling. Said another way, recipes are common development use cases and starting points (e.g. LAMP or Drupal 8).


You can use the top-level recipe config in your Landofile to select a recipe. Note that you will need to select one of the supported recipes or create your own.

For example, we will use the Drupal 8 recipe.

recipe: drupal8


You can optionally configure some of the more obvious things in your recipe such as service versions, database types and config files using the top-level config config in your Landofile.


While a decent amount config is the same from recipe to recipe, we recommend you consult the documentation for the recipe you intend to use for the full list of its config options.

For example, some of the configurable things in the LAMP recipe are shown below:

recipe: lamp
  php: '5.6'
  webroot: www
  database: postgres:14
  xdebug: true
    php: config/php.ini
    database: config/mysql.cnf
    vhosts: config/vhosts.conf

Supported Recipes

The following recipes are currently offered. Please check out each one to learn how to specifically use them.

Extending and Overriding Recipes

While the first Landofile below is totally valid and used by many people, there are even more people who set a recipe as a starting point for a more complex Landofile.

This is possible because recipes load all their stuff first. A consequence of that is that you can still mix in other services, events, routing and tooling or directly override the config provided by the recipe itself.

Service and Tooling discovery

Running lando info in your app directory is a good way to see what things your recipe offers. This is useful if you want to override or extend the things it provides, as in the example below:

That's cool bro...

name: my-app
recipe: laravel

But it would be a lot cooler if you did this

name: myapp

# Start with the lamp recipe
recipe: lamp
  php: '5.6'
  webroot: www
  database: postgres

# Add additional services
    type: redis
    persist: true
    type: node:16.13

  # Override our appserver to add some environmental variables
  # This service is provided by the lamp recipe
        WORD: covfefe

# Add additional tooling
    service: cache
    service: node
    service: node