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Lando Start

This lesson is primarily about vocabulary to help us understand the Lando ecosystem. A recipe in Lando is a pre-configured start state for an application. Lando comes with more than 12 recipes out of the box. In the Lando 101 course we are using the LAMP recipe. This tells Lando that we'll need an application container with Apache and PHP and a MySQL container.

So, if we lando start our Lando 101 app we'll see those corresponding containers. Here is some of the output from lando start:

Scanning to determine which services are ready... Please standby...

   ___                      __        __        __     __        ______
  / _ )___  ___  __ _  ___ / /  ___ _/ /_____ _/ /__ _/ /_____ _/ / / /
 / _  / _ \/ _ \/  ' \(_-</ _ \/ _ `/  '_/ _ `/ / _ `/  '_/ _ `/_/_/_/

Your app has started up correctly.
Here are some vitals:

 NAME            lando-101
 LOCATION        /home/gff/code/lando-ops/guides-example-code/introduction-to-lando/lando-init
 SERVICES        appserver, database
 APPSERVER URLS  https://localhost:32952

And if you run the docker command: docker ps you can see the containers for the Lando 101 app:

gff ~/code/lando-ops/guides-example-code/introduction-to-lando/lando-init
() └─ ∴ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                     NAMES
c92d36534d66        devwithlando/php:7.3-apache-2        "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   25 seconds ago      Up 23 seconds>80/tcp,>443/tcp                         lando101_appserver_1
a5d7060a15be        bitnami/mysql:5.7.29-debian-10-r51   "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   25 seconds ago      Up 23 seconds>3306/tcp                                                 lando101_database_1
7f64e8add1fd        traefik:2.2.0                        "/lando-entrypoint.s…"   30 hours ago        Up 25 seconds>80/tcp,>443/tcp,>8080/tcp   landoproxyhyperion5000gandalfedition_proxy_1

So you can see that Lando has started up lando101_appserver_1, lando101_database_1, and landoproxyhyperion5000gandalfedition_proxy_1 containers. Behind the scenes Lando is managing the containers, persistent storage, and the networking for the containers to communication with each other. We don't need to worry about that Lando handles it for us. If later we want to take a deep dive you can see how Lando leverages docker-compose to get that all done for us, but for now just know Lando takes care of the right configurations for the recipe we choose.