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7. Read More

Now that you are set up for contributing, in general, proceed to the docs for the specific roles you are interested in. A rough idea of what you will learn about in each section is shown below:


  • Lando talking points
  • Lando slide deck templates
  • Posting your event to events.lando.dev
  • Marketing your talk


  • Contributing code to Lando
  • Working on Lando web properties
  • Writing Lando tests
  • Lando DevOps
  • Lando plugins


  • Writing Lando guides
  • Testing guide content with Leia
  • Marketing guide content


  • Writing blog content
  • Marketing blog content


  • Administering the Lando Alliance
  • Administering Lando sponsors
  • Running Lando social media
  • Coordinating Lando outreach


  • Talking points for your boss
  • Lando services and support
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Managing your sponsorship