Lando will automatically try to real-time scan all localhost and proxy URLs as your app starts up. We do this to:

  1. Provide some immediate feedback to the user regarding the health of their application and the routing that Lando has set up for it
  2. Help compile first-run application caches behind the scenes to improve initial loaded-in-browser speed

The results of the scan will be coded:

  • GREEN - Scan passed and you are good to go!
  • YELLOW - Scan was skipped or not attempted
  • RED - ComScanopen in new window has detected there may be a problem with your networking, routing or application

By default the scanner will request / for each URL a service exposes. It will error for any non 2XX code and it will retry 25 times with a slight backoff per retry.

We realize there are legitimate use cases where you may not want the above behavior. For example you may have purposefully set up your application to emit a naughty status code. For these use cases, see the configuration options below:


Please note that the vast majority of these configuration options were added in Lando 3.14.0open in new window. So if they are not working for you we recommend you first update to the latest Lando.


If you would like to bypass scanning altogether then just set scanner to false. This will cause the scan to immediately pass. The URL will show up as yellow do denote it has been skipped.

    type: apache
    scanner: false

Adding OK codes

Some applications start up serving alternate non 2XX response codes.

For example, some PHP frameworks will serve a 404 page by default. If you are in a similar situation you can explicitly add additional codes that Lando will interpret as "OK".

    type: apache
        - 404
        - 444

Scanning an alternate path

Similarly you may have a designated "healthcheck" path that you'd prefer to scan instead of /. Not a problem:

    type: apache
      path: /ping

Other options

You can also change the amount of time to wait for a request and the number of retries.

    type: apache
      timeout: 1000
      retry: 10

Using the legacy scanner

You can also elect to use the legacy pre-3.14.0 scanner by editing the Lando global configuration.


scanner: legacy

Alternatively you can use the legacy scanner by setting the environment variable LANDO_SCANNER to legacy. Here is a use-at-start example:

LANDO_SCANNER=legacy lando start

You can see whether the legacy scanner is being used with lando config and looking for the scanner key.

Note that the key will only be set if you elected to use the legacy scanner.

LANDO_SCANNER=legacy lando config --path scanner