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Lando uses Docker Compose as its primary (and only) service orchestrator.

By default Lando will use version 2 of the Docker Compose CLI however you can modify the version or specify the path to a locally installed version in the global config.


If you would like to use a specific version of the Docker Compose CLI you can set orchestratorVersion in the global config.


Note that we have not tested every version combination so if you change the version from the default your mileage my vary.


# valid vibes
orchestratorVersion: "1.29.2"
orchestratorVersion: "2.21.0"

# unvalid vibes
orchestratorVersion: "1"
orchestratorVersion: "2.x"
orchestratorVersion: "latest"

AKA use the three point version of a release that exists over here but without the preceding v.

Alternatively you can set the environment variable LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_VERSION.

# start my app with the default orchestrator version
lando start

# unwisely try to rebuild using a new and lando-unsupported version of docker compose
LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_VERSION="2.22.0" lando rebuild -y

# feel nostalgic for the past and rebuild on docker compose 1
LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_VERSION="1.29.2" lando rebuild -y

# drop too much acid and think we are in the future
# @NOTE: this fallsback to using a system-installed version of docker compose
#        if it exists
LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_VERSION="3.14.17" lando rebuild -y


You can also tell Lando to use a locally installed version of Docker Compose. This must be an absolute path that exists.

orchestratorBin: /usr/local/bin/docker-compose-2

Note that orchestratorBin will automatically be set using the DEPRECATED composeBin key if it exists and orchestratorBin does not.

Alternatively you can set the environment variable LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_BIN.

LANDO_ORCHESTRATOR_BIN="/usr/local/bin/fail-me" lando rebuild -y


You may be wondering how Lando will decide what version to use if you've passed in multiple things. Here is how version resolution happens:

  1. Lando will use orchestratorBin if it is set to an absolute path that exists.
  2. Otherwise Lando will use orchestratorVersion if it is a valid version and can be downloaded.
  3. Otherwise Lando will use a system-installed version of Docker Compose if it exists
  4. Otherwise Lando will throw an error 😦 💻 ❗