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CLI Tooling ‚Äč

Each Lando Acquia recipe will also ship with the Acquia toolchain. This means you can use drush and acli via Lando and avoid mucking up your actual computer trying to manage php versions and tooling.

lando acli              Runs acli commands
lando composer          Runs composer commands
lando db-export [file]  Exports database from a database service to a file
lando db-import <file>  Imports a dump file into a database service
lando drush             Runs drush commands
lando mysql             Drops into a MySQL shell on a database service
lando php               Runs php commands
lando pull              Pull code, database and/or files from acquia
lando push              Push code, database and/or files to acquia
lando switch            Switch to a different multidev environment
lando version           Displays the lando version
# Login to acquia
lando acli auth:login

# Clear drush caches
lando drush cr

# Download a dependency with composer
lando composer config repositories.drupal composer
lando composer require "drupal/search_api_acquia ~1.0" --prefer-dist