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Accessing Lando from Other Devices on Your Local Network

You may want to use another device (e.g., a smartphone or tablet) to test your Lando app. You can access your lando app easily from another device as follows.

Changing the Bind

If you would rather test only on your local network and not over the Internet, you first need to change the bindAddress to expose your services on the LAN. Note that there are security implications to this and it is not recommended. Please consult the Security Docs.

Once you've done that you can ...

1. First, get the IP address of the machine running lando.


Open a command prompt and enter the command ipconfig /all and look for the "IPv4 Address" for the network adapter you use to connect to the Internet. Make sure NOT to use the IP address of the Docker network adapter. It should be a number like


Open System Preferences, Network, and then choose the network adapter you are using to connect to the Internet (Ethernet or Wireless). The local IP address will then be displayed.


Open a command prompt and enter the command hostname -I | cut -d' ' -f1.

2. Next, get the port of your lando app.

You can do this by running lando info from a command prompt and looking for the URL to your site, which should look something like this: http://localhost:33333. In this case, 33333 is the port number.

You can now visit your lando app from other devices by going to IP address: Port number. (Example: