While Lando recipes set sane defaults so they work out of the box, they are also configurable.

Here are the configuration options, set to the default values, for this recipe. If you are unsure about where this goes or what this means we highly recommend scanning the recipes documentation to get a good handle on how the magicks work.

recipe: acquia
  acli_version: latest
  ah_application_uuid: null
  ah_site_group: null
    run_scripts: true
  cache: true
  composer_version: '2'
  inbox: true
  php: '7.4'
  xdebug: false

If you do not already have a Landofile for your Acquia site, we highly recommend you use lando init to get one as that will automatically populate the ah_application_uuid, ah_site_group and php version for you. Manually creating a Landofile with these things set correctly can be difficult and is highly discouraged.

Note that if the above config options are not enough, all Lando recipes can be further extended and overridden.

Choosing a composer version

By default the acquia recipe will default to the latest stable release of composer 2. If your application depends on a different version of composer you can set composer_version to any version that is available in our php service.

recipe: acquia
  composer_version: '1.10.1'

Disabling acli pull:run-scripts

By default acli pull:run-scripts will automatically run on your first lando start and on subsequent lando rebuilds to ensure your site has the needed code dependencies to run correctly. However, there are some rare situations where this may not be a suitable default. In such cases you can disable this behavior:

recipe: acquia
    run_scripts: false

Customizing the stack

By default, Lando will spin up an approximation of the Acquia stack:

  • Apache webserver 2.4
  • MySQL database server 5.7
  • Memcache 1.6
  • PHP 7.3, 7.4

Not current supported but coming soon:

  • Solr 3, 4, 7

Additionally Lando will provide a configurable mailhog service so that you can catch an inspect outgoing mail locally.

This means that what works on Acquia should also work on Lando. Please recognize, however, that the Acquia platform is changing all the time and Lando is necessarily reactive in some cases.

If you do not need the umlimited power of a fully armed and operational Acquia stack you can tell Lando to not use the more advanced parts of Acquia's stack. This can save time when starting up your app.

recipe: acquia
  # Disable the MEMCACHE cache
  cache: false

  # Disable the MAILHOG inbox
  inbox: false

Note that if your application code depends on one of these services and you disable them, you should expect an error. Also note that Lando does not track what services you are using on your Acquia site e.g. these settings are "decoupled".

Using acli

While in alpha Lando ships the acli built from the latest commit to master on GitHub. You can change this behavior in a few ways:

  1. Install latest stable release
recipe: acquia
  acli_version: latest
  1. Install a specific release version
recipe: acquia
  acli_version: "1.8.1"

Using xdebug

This is just a passthrough option to the xdebug setting that exists on all our php services. The tl;dr is xdebug: true enables and configures the php xdebug extension and xdebug: false disables it.

recipe: acquia
  xdebug: true|false

However, for more information, we recommend you consult the php service documentation.