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Getting Started


Before you get started with this recipe, we assume that you have:

  1. Installed Lando and gotten familiar with its basics.
  2. Initialized a Landofile for your codebase for use with this recipe.
  3. Read about the various services, tooling, events and routing Lando offers.

Quick Start

Note that this could also be used for ExpressJS, Koa, KeystoneJS or any other MEANish project.

# Initialize a mean recipe for use with ghost
lando init --source cwd \
  --recipe mean \
  --option port=2368 \
  --option command="su - node -c '/var/www/.npm-global/bin/ghost run -d /app/src -D'" \
  --name meanest-app-youve-ever-seen

# Install ghost
lando ssh -c "npm install ghost-cli@latest -g && mkdir src && cd src && ghost install local --no-start --ip"

# Start it up
lando start

# List information about this app.
lando info