By default, each Lando MEAN recipe will also ship with helpful dev utilities.

This means you can use things like yarn, npm, mongo and node via Lando and avoid mucking up your actual computer trying to manage php versions and tooling.

lando mongo     Drop into the mongo shell
lando node      Runs node commands
lando npm       Runs npm commands
lando yarn      Runs yarn commands

Usage examples

# Install some things globally
lando npm install -g gulp-cli@latest

# Run yarn install
lando yarn install

# Drop into a mongo shell
lando mongo

# Check the node version
lando node --version

You can also run lando from inside your app directory for a complete list of commands. This is always advisable as your list of commands may not be 100% the same as above. For example, if you set database: postgres you will get lando psql instead of lando mongo.

Importing Your Database


Once you've started up your MEAN site, you will need to pull in your database and files before you can really start to dev all the dev. Pulling your files is as easy as downloading an archive and extracting it to the correct location. Importing a database can be done using our helpful lando db-import command.

# Grab your database dump
curl -fsSL -o database.sql.gz ""

# Import the database
# NOTE: db-import can handle uncompressed, gzipped or zipped files
# Due to restrictions in how Docker handles file sharing your database
# dump MUST exist somewhere inside of your app directory.
lando db-import database.sql.gz

You can learn more about the db-import command over here.