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Lando Proxy

Some services like mailhog provide an admin interface via a browser. In such cases it is convenient to assign a URL to the service container. We do so via the proxy key in our .lando.yml file.

Let's add a URL to our mailhog service so we can access the MailHog dashboard. Open up your Lando 101 .lando.yml file and add a proxy section like so:

name: lando-101
recipe: lamp
  php: 7.4
    type: mailhog:v1.0.0
    portforward: true
      - appserver

The new config being the proxy key which takes a service and the service gets an array of URLs in this case - You can add a URL to any service you like.

Rebuild Required

After adding a proxy make sure to rebuild the Lando 101 app.

lando rebuild -y

After rebuilding we can now access the new URL to view the MailHog dashboard.

Using the proxy key in our .lando.yml file we can add a URL to any service in a Lando app! If you need to dig deeper you can read the full proxy documentation.