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Purging Containers

May Cause Other Issues

if all else fails you can try this but note that this might cause other unexpected behavior.

Sometimes you may get errors that do not make sense. Your docker containers may have been "corrupted" or just confused. This is sort of a nuclear option, but can fix most issues we have seen.

Backup Stuffs

If you can, remember to export all your databases for any sites you don't have a remote copy of.

Purging command

To purge all your containers and Lando cache, run the following command in your terminal:

lando poweroff && docker system prune -a --volumes && rm -rf ~/.lando/cache

Windows Users

The location of your store app configuration may be different than ~/.lando. By default the location is C:\Users\ME\.lando you can also use lando config | grep userConfRoot to locate the exact path. Once you have the path, adjust the command above accordingly.