How to Contribute


All participants in the community are encouraged to provide support for new users within GitHub or on Slack. This support is provided as a way of growing the community. Those seeking support should recognize that all support activity within the project is voluntary and is therefore provided as and when time allows.

A user requiring guaranteed response times or results should therefore seek to purchase a support contract from a vendor. Ideally that vendor should be an active member of the community. However, for those willing to engage with the project on its own terms, and willing to help support other users, the community support channels are ideal.

Contribution Process

Anyone can contribute to the project, regardless of their skills, as there are many ways to contribute. For instance, a contributor might be active on the project slack and issue tracker, or might supply pull requests. The various ways of contributing are described in more detail in our roles document.

The #contributors channel on our Slack is the most appropriate place for a contributor to ask for help when making their first contribution.

Committing Code

Check out our dev guide for guidelines around submitting pull requests.