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Getting Started Evangelizing

Because Lando is a free and open source project without 🦄 money we rely heavily on our users to spread the good word far and wide. These docs help identify some, but not all, of the ways you can evangelize and should provide you with some good starting materials.

How do I evangelize?

While you should do you and evengelize in the way that best suits you here are things some of our more successful advocates do:

  • Present, talk or train about Lando or Lando-adjacent materials at conference, camps, meetups, etc and to post those events at https://events.lando.dev
  • Retweet Lando content, tweet directly at @devwithlando or engage in local dev or DevOps related twitter threads
  • Troll local development blog content and mention Lando in the comments if applicable
  • Get friends, colleagues, spouses, partners, pets, grandparents, former roommates, etc to follow us @devwithlando and star our project on GitHub.
  • Buy a Vagrant or MAMP user a 🍺 and hit them with some sweet, sweet talking points

Evangelism need not be directly Lando related!

It's important to note that content, presentations and other forms of evangelism need not be directly Lando focused. Presenting on something like automated testing but using Lando to do it is great too!