Lando is led by a benevolent dictator and committee of maintainers and managed by the community.

That is, the community actively contributes to the day-to-day maintenance of the project, but the general strategic line is drawn by the maintainers. In case of disagreement, the benevolent dictator has the last word. It is the benevolent dictator’s job to resolve disputes within the community and to ensure that the project is able to progress in a coordinated way.

In turn, it is the community’s job to guide the decisions of the benevolent dictator through active engagement and contribution.

Current Team

The following roles and responsibilities are currently assigned to the following people:

Benevolent Dictator




These are committers with a specific or primary expertise area.

  • Documentation: Open
  • DevOps: Open
  • Testing: Open
  • Service(s): Open
  • Recipe(s): Open
  • Lando Core: Open
  • Lando Plugins: Open

If you are interested in any of the open areas above, or an area that is not explicitly enumerated, or helping out in an area that already has a specialist assigned, let us know (see communication below).


Project collaboration happens primarily on GitHub or Slack.


GitHub serves as the mechanism for all Lando code, issue reporting/tracking and project management.

The Lando Organization is the starting point for all Lando projects. That said most collaboration is going to occur in the core Lando Project and its issue queue.

It you are a contributor it is highly recommended you also install ZenHub to get access to a nice Kanban style board for the GitHub issues.


Slack serves as the mechanism for Lando support and contributor coordination. You can join the Lando slack org via LaunchPass and it has the following channels you can join

  • #community - For Lando community support
  • #kalabox - For legacy Kalabox community support
  • #contributors - For all Lando contributors
  • #events - For users looking to evangelize the project at meetups, events, camps, etc

Join a channel and say hi!

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more or contributing we recommend you check out: