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# Project Structure

A general breakdown of where things live inside the Lando repo is shown below:

|-- .circleci       CircleCi config to run our generated functional tests
|-- .github         Helpful GitHub templates
|-- .platform       Platform.sh config to run our docs site
|-- api             Our express API
|-- bin             CLI entrypoint script
|-- blog            Vuepress blog and its content
|-- docs            Vuepress docs site and its content
|-- events          Vuepress events listing and its content
|-- examples        Examples user in this documentation and to generate functional tests
|-- installer       Installer packages and helpers
|-- lib             Core libraries
|-- metrics         Express metrics server
|-- plugins         Core plugins
|-- scripts         Scripts to help with build, test and deploy automation
|-- test            Unit and functional tests
|-- website         Vuepress marketing site and its content
|-- .lando.yml      The Landofile for Lando
|-- .travis.yml     Travis CI config for POSIX unit tests, build and deploy
|-- config.yml      Default Lando global config
|-- package.json    Lando node dependencies

Some notes about the structure are below:

  • Code that is easily unit testable and does not require the lando object should live in lib.
  • Code that requires the lando object should be expressed in plugins.
  • Code that extends the core lando object will almost always be in plugins and not lib.