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Getting Involved

Lando Alliance

If you are interested in helping out with the Lando project, then you've come to the right place! We are looking for people to help out in any of the capacities as follows:


Work on making and supporting Lando by touching code, docs, issues, DevOps or helping out in our Slack community channel


Present, train or speak about Lando at various meetups, camps and conferences and generally spread the good word across the galaxy


Give the dollars and get exclusive benefits


Generate useful content like docs, guides, videos, tutorials, lessons, etc


Providing community support on GitHub, Slack, email, X/Twitter, etc


Help us run both the actual project and maintain the repos

If any of the above sound up your alley, then please proceed to getting started. If not than we ask you at least go over to GitHub and give us a star ⭐.

Getting Started

To get started you need to do at least one of the below but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you just do them all:

  1. Join the contributors mailing list
  2. Join the #contributors channel on Slack
  3. Complete our contributor Google Form
  4. Create, flag and/or assign some issues you are interested in
  5. Come to your first contributor meeting


These are the channels we usually use for communication.


GitHub serves as the mechanism for all Lando code, issue reporting/tracking and project management.

While the Lando Organization serves as the starting point for all Lando projects, most collaboration is going to occur in the core Lando Project and its issue queue.


Slack serves as the mechanism for Lando support and contributor coordination. You can join the Lando slack org via LaunchPass. By default, you will be added to the #community channel which is our free and open community support channe but you should also join #contributors.

There are also some other channels you can join at your discretion:

  • #administrators - For those who help administer and coordinate Lando
  • #bloggers - For those contributing case studies, training materials and other content to the blog
  • #evangelists - For those looking to evangelize Lando at meetups, events, camps, etc
  • #guiders - For those writing helpful Lando guides and tutorials
  • #upsellers - For those helping to help sell Lando sponsorships, support and services
  • #social - For suggesting social content for Lando
  • #kalabox - For legacy Kalabox community support

Join some channels and say hi!


X/Twitter is our primary outreach and social channel. If you are fearless, then follow us and get involved in the conversation!

Choosing an Issue

If you don't already have a GitHub issue or two in mind you can go through them in a few different ways:

If you don't see one you can also create your own. However once you have an issue or two in mind you will want to do possibly both of the below:

  • Label the issue with flag - This will add it into the relevant contributor project board so a maintainer knows to discuss it in their next meeting.
  • Assign the issue to yourself - If it's an issue you want to take on then assign it to yourself.

If you cannot label or assign an issue then we probably need to invite you to collaborate. To do that jump in the #contributors channel in Slack, post your issue and indicate you want to self-assign it and a maintainer will send you an invite.

Note that permissions are given on a per-repo basis so you'll need to do this once for every repo you want to work on.


We are currently meeting for three dedicated purposes: Plugins, DevOps and Governance & Maintainership, here are the next meetings:

  • DevOps - Tuesday, May 21, 2024 @ 4:00:00 PM UTC
  • Plugins - Tuesday, May 14, 2024 @ 4:00:00 PM UTC
  • Governance & Maintainership - TBD

Make sure you join the mailing list and/or #contributors channel in our Slack to get invited/access to the meetings.


We also put all the raw data over here in Google Drive if you want to sift through things.