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MariaDB is a very common database server which is EXTREMELY similar to MySQL but has a guarantee of being open source.

You can easily add it to your Lando app by adding an entry to the services top-level config in your Landofile.

    type: mariadb

Supported versions

Legacy versions

Using Unsupported MariaDB Versions!

While you can currently use some EOL MariaDB version with Lando, it's worth noting that we also do not support such versions, so your mileage may vary. If you are having issues with unsupported versions and open a ticket about it, the most likely response you will get is "upgrade to a supported version".

You can still run these versions with Lando but for all intents and purposes they should be considered deprecated (e.g. YMMV and do not expect a ton of support if you have an issue).

Patch versions

Not officially supported!

While we allow users to specify patch versions for this service, they are not officially supported, so if you use one, YMMV.

To use a patch version, you can do something as shown below:

    type: mariadb:10.2.21

But make sure you use one of the available patch tags for the underlying image we are using.