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Each Lando Lagoon recipe will also ship with the Lagoon toolchain. This means you can use drush and other tools via Lando and avoid mucking up your actual computer trying to manage php versions and tooling. Here are the things that ship with the drupal flavor by default.

You can also run lando from inside your app directory for a complete list of commands.

lando composer          Runs composer commands
lando db-export [file]  Exports database from a database service to a file
lando db-import <file>  Imports a dump file into a database service
lando drush             Runs drush commands
lando lagoon            Runs lagoon commands
lando mysql             Drops into a MySQL shell on a database service
lando node              Runs node commands
lando npm               Runs npm commands
lando php               Runs php commands
lando yarn              Runs yarn commands

Note that you can define your own commands by using out tooling framework. Also check out the guides for the powerful DB Export and DB Import commands.

Also, check out the Lagoon CLI Docs for more information on using lando lagoon.


If you're using a Lagoon php container we will automatically set up mailhog for you so you can capture emails. You will see urls to access its web interface after you run lando start or if you run lando info.

NAME          drupal-example
LOCATION      /Users/pirog/work/lando/examples/lagoon-drupal/drupal
SERVICES      cli, nginx, php, mariadb, redis, solr, mailhog
MAILHOG URLS  http://localhost:32792