Here are the configuration options, set to the default values, for this service. If you are unsure about where this goes or what this means, we highly recommend scanning the services documentation to get a good handle on how the magicks work.

Also note that options, in addition to the build steps and overrides that are available to every service, are shown below:

    type: phpmyadmin:5.0
    hosts: []
      config: SEE BELOW
      environment: SEE BELOW

Connecting to database services

You will need to list the database services you want to be able to access via phpmyadmin. Note that the services in this list should be other MySQL-y services in your application. They can be discovered by running lando info.

Note that PhpMyAdmin is designed specifically for MySQL and MariaDB type databases!

You will likely be sad if you try to use a non-MySQL-ish database.

An example of a Landofile's services config that connects to two mysql database backends called mysql57 and mysql8 is shown below:

    type: phpmyadmin
      - mysql57
      - mysql8
    type: mysql:5.7
    type: mysql:8

Using custom phpmyadmin config file

You can override the default phpmyadmin config by setting a custom phpMyAdmin config fileopen in new window as shown below:

A hypothetical project

Note that you can put your configuration files anywhere inside your application directory. We use a config directory but you can call it whatever you want such as .lando in the example below:

|-- config
|-- .lando.yml

Landofile's phpmyadmin config

    type: phpmyadmin
      config: config/


There are also several various envvarsopen in new window exposed by the underlying image we use that you can set to further customize how your PhpMyAdmin works. These are not officially supported so we highly recommend you do not alter them unless you know what you are doing. Even then, YMMV.

That said, you will need to use a service override to take advantage of them as shown below:

  type: phpmyadmin
    - database
      PMA_ARBITRARY: when set to 1 connection to the arbitrary server will be allowed
      PMA_HOST: define address/host name of the MySQL server
      PMA_VERBOSE: define verbose name of the MySQL server
      PMA_PORT: define port of the MySQL server
      PMA_HOSTS: define comma separated list of address/host names of the MySQL servers
      PMA_VERBOSES: define comma separated list of verbose names of the MySQL servers
      PMA_USER: define username to use for config authentication method
      PMA_PASSWORD: define password to use for config authentication method
      PMA_ABSOLUTE_URI: define user-facing URI

Getting information

You can get connection and credential information about your phpmyadmin instance by running lando info. It may also be worth checking out our accessing services externally guide.