Adding more tooling commands

While Lando will set up tooling routes for the obvious utilities for each application type it tries to not overwhelm the user with all the commands by providing a minimally useful set. It does this because it is very easy to specify more tooling commands in your Landofile.

  # Here are some utilities that should exist in every application
  # container
    service: app
    service: app
    service: app

  # And some utilities we installed in the `build.flavor`
  # or `dependencies` key
    service: app
    service: app
    service: app

Note that the service should match the name of your application in the associated Very often this is just app.

Now run lando again and see that extra commands!

lando composer      Runs composer commands
lando drush         Runs drush commands
lando grunt         Runs grunt commands
lando node          Runs node commands
lando npm           Runs npm commands
lando php           Runs php commands
lando ruby          Runs ruby commands
lando sass          Runs sass commands
lando drush cr
lando npm install
lando grunt compile:things
lando ruby -v
lando node myscript.js

If you are not sure whether something exists inside your application container or not you can easily test using the -c option provided by llando ssh

# Does yarn exist?
lando ssh -c "yarn"

Also note that Lando tooling is hyper-powerful so you might want to check out some of its more advanced features.