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Here is a rough overview of the kinds of things we are trying to do on the way to the next minor/major Lando version.

Of course we will also always be concurrently working on bug fixes, reasonable improvements and small non-breaking features to the current stable version.

3.1 - ETD Early 2021

There are basically three buckets of stuff we want to do here:

1. Community

  • Bring more of our excellent community into the contribution process
  • Start regular contributor meetings that are focused on issue triage, documentation, lando web properties, content, marketing, etc
  • Provide a place (eg plugins) for new features, services, recipes, etc to be created and used outside of the main Lando repo
  • Provide a set of guides that effectively serves as a Lando 101 type course

2. Plugins

  • Provide lando commands for users to easily install, share, scaffold and specify Lando plugins in their apps
  • Provide relevant documentation, examples, etc to get people rolling quick
  • Create up a few official Lando plugins
  • Create 5-10 plugins from other contributors

3. Lando Share

  • Provide a new lando share service