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# Advanced guide topics

# Adding a category

If you do not see a category that makes sense for your content while going through lando guide:generate, you can add a new category by modifying docs/.vuepress/guides.json.

Load up docs/.vuepress/guides.json in your favorite text editor. An empty category snippet you can add into the aforementioned guides.json is shown below:

  "title": "New Category",
  "collapsable": false,
  "children": []

Make sure you save the file after your edit and also make sure that it is still valid JSON (opens new window).

# Naming considerations

We highly recommend you first create new categories that match up with sidebar items over in the config docs (e.g. Backdrop, node or Security). This allows us to surface related guides in those sections which is very valuable. See the bottom of the networking docs as an example.

However, if there is still not an item over there that makes sense, then feel free to create something fresh.

# Clearing the tasks cache

Also make sure you clear the task cache for your new category to show up.

lando.dev --clear
lando.dev guide:generate