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The Lando Alliance

Almost every Lando Alliance role has its own internal self-management of its members. Administrators, however, are responsible for marketing, outreach and engagements of the various Alliance Roles.

Below are the minimal lists of things we need to be doing with some periodicity. Check the timeline for suggestions. If you have an idea for other marketing outreach or engagement, drop the idea in the admin slack channel. Chances are we will give it the green light.

Marketing & Outreach

  • Quarterly updates on the project
  • Quarterly sponsorship letters
  • Tweets for new sponsors
  • Tweets about new guide, blog or event content
  • Any co-marketing tweets from our sponsors


Periodically, we will want to engage a particular Alliance role or The Alliance itself when there is work to be done.

These solicitations should happen periodically and using some combination, or all, of the channels below:

  • Slack
  • Newsletter / email blast
  • Twitter

Obviously, use your best judgment on which channels are appropriate for which calls to action and also remember that there is a fine line between advocacy and spamming someone.

Some examples of the periodic engagement we should be doing are below:

  • Newsletter, slack message to guiders about open "question" GitHub issues
  • Slack message to evangelists about upcoming events where they might want to present
  • Periodic message to bloggers about any case studies or blog content we can share
  • Periodic message to contributors about good first time issues or to attend regularly scheduled meetings